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Growing Up

How Has COVID-19 Changed Consumer Behaviour in the Financial Sector?

If there is one thing this pandemic has done, it’s making it very clear to businesses that if they are unable to do business without a physical location, they’re not fully taking advantage of digital advancements in their respective fields. For Lenders, in particular, the ability to Lend Without Branches, comes with many benefits: Grow loan portfolio …

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Lending Without Branches

A hundred years ago, banks and lenders had to figure out how to get close to people because people were largely sedentary and spatially distant. If you wanted to lend money,  you would better go where people lived, it would have been difficult for them to come to you. Lenders addressed this challenge by building …

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How Lenders Accelerate Their Digital Transformation

Why do Lenders need Digital Transformation? Customer acquisition, “the business of getting new business” [as well as managing and growing the business you already have] is more dynamic than ever  ̶̶  and not just in the current pandemic environment. People’s perceptions of financial institutions have changed largely due to: The influence of social media platforms; …

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6 Ways Lenders Manage Fallout From Covid-19

Are you doing everything your lending business needs to do to manage the fallout from Covid-19? The Coronavirus pandemic poses a fundamental threat to lending institutions, particularly in the Microfinance space. Are you behind your competitors in dealing with this crisis? Find out key strategies and tactics that you may have missed. As an essential …

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This Metric Could Save Your Lending Business!

Everyday I speak with Lenders around the globe and I ask them the same simple question: What does a loan cost you? What is your cost per loan (CPL)? I’m always surprised how many do not have an answer. For most, a loan in any form (Mortgage, Credit Card, Consumer Loan, Micro-loan, Payday loan, Small Business …

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Effective Communication with Borrowers

Have you ever tried waving at a blind person? This is NOT the best way to get their attention. As the business of lending evolves how are you communicating to your borrowers and potential borrowers becomes increasingly important. If you aren’t ahead of the curve, then you will be left behind. Effective communication with clients and potential …

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